Phone Interviewing

NewGrowth got its start in 1996 as a trusted source for one-to-one telephone interviewing. Today, we are known as one of the most capable providers of phone-based research for IT and healthcare IT clients, from cost-effective quantitative studies to in-depth interviews with senior-level executives. We also conduct international phone research, including in-depth interviews in multiple languages.

In-Depth Interviews (Qualitative)

Using phone interviews for qualitative research is a particular NewGrowth strength. Our interviewers are highly experienced in getting respondents to engage, to open up about their experiences as customers and users of technology, and in digging beneath "pat" answers to understand respondent's deeper concerns.

Quantitative Research

NewGrowth has considerable experience in conducting large quantitative phone studies in North Americas as well as internationally. We combine deep industry knowledge, best-in-class survey design and attentive interviewers to provide statistically significant, cutting-edge market insights for our clients.

Multi-language capabilities

Over 60% of our phone research studies are international in scope. Whether you need research in Canada, Europe, Asia, or Latin America, we're here to help.