Win-Loss Analysis

NewGrowth's Win-Loss Analysis programs provide insight into why customers choose your company vs. competitors. We identify account- and opportunity-specific causes of win-loss, as well as analyze trends across your customer base.

In-depth phone interviews and online surveys are used to identify repeatable actions that will lead to winning a greater percentage of sales. Win-loss management reports cover key findings, customer trends and recommendations for sales improvement. In addition, we offer account-level win-loss synopsis for each sales event.

Benefits of Win-Loss Analysis:
  • Increased sales - by understanding what makes customers choose your company over competitors
  • More powerful sales messaging - speak directly to customers' concerns before bidding
  • Improved sales strategy - discover where your sales approach is effective and where it costs you deals
  • Better opportunity targeting - focus on deals which play best to your company's strengths
  • Identify areas for improvement - turn your weaknesses into strengths and stop costly mistakes
"We were awarded an exclusive $200 million global contract with a leading engineering company, primarily due to specific competitive recommendations from NewGrowth."

—NewGrowth Customer