Customer Acquisition and Retention

Customer Acquisition

Acquiring new customers calls for close coordination by sales and marketing groups to identify your best prospects and to reach them effectively. NewGrowth's customer acquisition services support your sales and marketing efforts with:

  • Identification of your most profitable customers
  • Target profile development for new prospects
  • Message testing for maximum impact
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Positioning against competitors

Customer Retention

NewGrowth's retention research checks on the health of your customer relationships and identifies vulnerabilities before they impact your bottom line. We help you to understand:

  • Why customers choose your company
  • Causes of customer defections
  • Percentage of vulnerable customers
  • Factors motivating customers to stay
  • Competitors' strategy for targeting your customer base

Most customers won't tell you they're leaving - unless you ask. By asking the right questions, NewGrowth can help you strengthen customer relationships and prevent unnecessary defections.