Routes-to-Market Research

Routes-to-market describes the direct and indirect sales channels companies use to reach customers. It plots a course of company-customer interaction, from lead generation to order fulfillment, and then to ongoing service and support. Routes-to-market are at the heart of every successful Go-to-market strategy.

NewGrowth's routes-to-market research helps companies of all sizes maximize revenue and grow their customer base to their fullest potential, by answering questions such as:
  • Do customers prefer direct or indirect purchase?
  • Why are certain routes selling some products well but not others?
  • At what level should we provide dedicated account managers?
  • On which customers or segments should our channel partners focus?
  • Where are gaps in sales coverage hurting us most?

NewGrowth identifies best routes for reaching each customer segment, helping leading companies maximize their market potential. We help you understand drivers of sales performance by channel (route), customer preferences, strengths and weaknesses of your company's direct and indirect sales channels and the competitive landscape.