Market Segmentation

NewGrowth helps technology companies identify where customers share similarities in their purchase behavior through market segmentation. By understanding your existing and potential customers in terms of distinct groups (market segments), NewGrowth can help you gain vital insights for promoting your products and services to each segment most effectively.

Market Segmentation Benefits:
  • Identify the fastest-growing and most profitable customer groups
  • Find new sources of revenue from existing customers
  • Discover new markets with the greatest growth potential
  • Develop specialized products for important segments
  • Personalize marketing messages to speak directly to key segments
  • Spend your marketing dollars where it counts
NewGrowth is well versed in a multitude of qualitative and quantitative research methods to address your segmentation needs. We offer a long and distinguished track record of asking the right questions and identifying distinguishing characteristics that enable sales, marketing and product groups to engage customers to their full potential.