Customer Satisfaction

NewGrowth's customer satisfaction research looks at the overall health of your customer relationships and alerts you to areas of concern before they impact your revenue base. Working together with marketing and sales groups, we help you identify the factors that result in long-lasting, successful customer relationships and ensure your organization's continued success.

Customer satisfaction research topics include:
  • Relationship - assesses satisfaction with sales, service and support plus customer attitudes towards the relationship
  • Performance - metrics for customer service, pre-sales support, pricing, ordering and delivery experience, post-sales support, ease of doing business
  • Loyalty - when your products and prices are similar to competitors, who do your customers choose? Would they recommend you to a friend or colleague? Would they choose your company even if a competitor was better in some way?
By regularly checking on the health of your customer relationships, you will be able to:
  • Focus your business on issues most important to your customers
  • Increase sales by identifying new opportunities to meet customer needs
  • Discover areas of concern before they impact revenue
  • Monitor competitors' position in key accounts