Customer Panels & Advisory Councils

Having quick access to customer feedback is an essential requirement for IT companies in fast-paced markets. Surprisingly, many IT vendors lack an easy way to tap their customer base for this vital information.

NewGrowth services include recruiting online panels and customer councils, panel / group management, list maintenance and incentive management. We offer these services for three major types of customer groups:

  • Online Panels - customers who agree to participate in online (Web-based) research. Generally consists of multiple customer segments (company size, job title, product usage, etc.) Online panels are good for providing rapid response and for cost-effective quantitative research. Panel members serve on an ongoing basis with careful management to prevent overuse.

  • Customer Councils (sales / marketing / product-based) - provide in-depth, qualitative feedback and insight beyond traditional market research. Council members participate in phone, Web, or in-person feedback sessions in a collaborative manner to help your business succeed. They are generally focused around a single market segment (e.g. senior IT decision markers in large accounts).

  • Focus Groups - groups of 8-10 customers recruited for one-off research engagements. Generally focused around a single market segment. Excellent for in-depth, qualitative feedback. May participate in phone, Web, or in-person focus group sessions.
  • Hear from customers on-demand with minimal cost
  • Reduce costs of research
  • Build collaborative relationships with your customers
  • Accelerate development of product & service offerings
Costs for recruitment, management, and compensation will vary based on frequency of use and research objectives. To learn more, please contact us.