Healthcare Win-Loss Research

NewGrowth's Win-Loss research provides you with valuable insight into the reasons your company is winning or losing deals. Through in-depth interviews and other methods, we identify account- and opportunity-specific causes of win-loss, as well as repeatable actions that will lead to winning a greater percentage of sales.

Win-loss management reports cover key findings, customer trends and recommendations for sales improvement. In addition, we offer account-level win-loss synopsis for each sales event.

Research Topics for Healthcare Win-Loss:
  • Solution features and pricing
  • Sales performance vs. competitors
  • Decision-making process - roles of decision makers and influencers
  • Whether decision is driven by IT or Senior Management
  • Physician and nursing staff criteria for vendor selection
  • Providers' strategic objectives and goals of equipment purchase
  • Existing vendor relationships affecting purchase decision, including incumbent vendors and alliance partners
  • Solution requirements and role of customer's existing IT environment on decision
  • Interoperability issues affecting decision