Pricing and Concept Testing for Healthcare IT Solutions

In this competitive environment, it helps to get your offerings right the first time - the right features and capabilities, the right combination of features to price, the right pricing models for the healthcare practices and provider communities you serve. NewGrowth's pricing and concept testing research is your "ounce of prevention" to maximize revenue and grow your customer base.

We employ a variety of research methods - phone interviews, online surveys and focus groups - to address topics critical to product success:

  • Optimal price points for maximizing revenue and market share
  • Price elasticity
  • Product features with the greatest effect on decision to purchase
  • How to tailor products to specific market segments
  • Customer perception of product strengths and weaknesses

NewGrowth employs advanced research methods such as conjoint research to provide you with even greater insight - and precision - in optimizing your products and pricing for highly competitive markets.

By identifying the products and services your customers want - and are most willing to pay for - NewGrowth's concept testing will help you increase market share and reduce product development costs.