Go-to-Market Strategy

Go-to-market strategy helps companies of all sizes get the most from their sales and marketing efforts. It answers questions such as:

  • Should we sell direct or through channel partners? Or both?
  • Which customers / segments should we target?
  • What is our value proposition?
  • Are we missing lucrative sales and marketing opportunities?
  • How do we sell against competitors?

A key component of go-to-market strategy is optimizing routes to market. Each "route" is a path chosen to reach customers throughout the sales process, from demand generation to order fulfillment. When a company has multiple sales organizations, products and customer segments, routes to market tend to get tangled and opportunities are lost. NewGrowth identifies best routes for reaching each customer segment, helping you maximize your company's market potential.

Go-to-Market Benefits:

  • Maximize revenue potential of all your company's products and services
  • Align your sales strategy with customers' buying behavior
  • Position your company to address customers' key needs and purchase criteria
  • Get the most performance from each of your direct and indirect sales channels

Good go-to-market strategy starts with business intelligence. NewGrowth offers leading-edge services to understand past sales performance, customer needs, strengths and weaknesses of direct and indirect sales channels and the competitive landscape.