Large Account Satisfaction

Worldwide customer satisfaction research nets big gains for large account group


A leading IT vendor wanted to assess customer satisfaction worldwide with its largest accounts, to determine areas for improving customer experience and opportunities to win more share of customer spending.


NewGrowth conducted 300 in-depth interviews in 6 languages with the client's large customers worldwide, assessing satisfaction with account management, product models, order fulfillment, service and support. Results were analyzed and reported in aggregate, along with account-level report summaries for sales management.


While customers were generally satisfied with their relationship with the client, NewGrowth's research uncovered gaps in the client's systems that were impacting satisfaction with ordering and delivery. Region-specific challenges in escalation of support incidents were also documented. The client has made significant changes in its manufacturing and ordering systems as a result of the research.

Account-level report summaries helped sales management identify causes behind recent deal losses as well as accounts in danger of shifting large purchases to competitors. As a result, sales management identified and shared best practices of its top-performing account teams and took corrective action to address problem accounts. The client's sales force has increased its win ratio for large deals and customers are increasing their share of spending with the client.