Benchmarking Research for Communications Solution

Pre-launch investigation helps new wireless solution book $30 million sales in first 12 months


A client preparing to launch a new wireless communications solution for mobile field forces needed to validate its positioning strategy and ability to compete against leading vendors.


NewGrowth investigated 10 leading solutions the client's offering was most likely to compete against, including product features, capabilities, pricing and go-to-market strategy. The client's own solution was benchmarked against competitors' offerings. The client was provided with a detailed report of each competitor's strengths and weaknesses as well as recommendations for the clients' marketing and sales groups.


NewGrowth's recommendations prompted immediate changes to the client's go-to-market strategy and sales force deployment. The client's new solution booked $30 million in sales within 12 months from the launch date and enabled the client to solidify its strategic relationships with large enterprise customers.