Partner Program Validation

Research validates partner program, uncovers opportunity to grow $4 million start-up to a $1+ billion business


A leading IT hardware manufacturer wanted to validate a pilot partner program to assess whether it could be expanded to the rest of its partner community.


NewGrowth conducted in-depth qualitative phone interviews with partners, to assess the program's attractiveness in its current form and to understand factors increasing partner participation.


NewGrowth found the program's proposed benefits to partners were out of step with expectations, from account management to pricing discounts and order fulfillment. Based on research findings, NewGrowth recommended a list of changes to meet partner requirements. The client implemented key recommendations prior to the rollout, and the program was so well received that it grew from a $4 million business to sales over $1 billion in less than three years. The client reported NewGrowth's report was regularly used in decision making for the program over 24 months after it was first presented.

"We started this as a side business... NewGrowth took our business seriously and delivered a report that said 'Hey - make some changes and you can really do this.' Management decided to invest in the business and see how far we could go."