Channel Partner Research and Recruitment


A leading hardware vendor found its existing channel partners were unable to grow revenue and market share beyond a certain point. The company concluded it needed to attract a new group of partners, and engaged NewGrowth to identify, interview, and invite 50 potential partners in North America to consider engaging with the client.


NewGrowth proposed in-depth phone interviews be conducted with leading solution providers who were not currently affiliated with the client. NewGrowth researched and developed a list of solution partners who fit the client's initial target profile. The interview questionnaire was designed to pre-qualify solution partners for participation in the client's partner program, probe awareness and attitudes of the client's product offerings, and assess interest in partnering with the client.


Of 50 interviews conducted with potential partners, 40 agreed to partner with the client. One-third of these new partners were able to increase the client's North American revenue by 25% within their first 12 months in the program. Thanks in large part to its new partners, the client moved rapidly from 5th in unit sales to 2nd and has continued to gain market share.